Tourism Development

TWG’s Tourism Development program is designed to meet the needs of groups and organizations, cities and states in the development and marketing of their tourism resources.  Our goal is to enhance the economic, historic and cultural characteristics of people and their environment.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States (a $350 billion industry) and much of its growth is in areas that can benefit local communities and states.  The program emphasis is placed on four areas, assessment, training, product development and marketing.  Through appropriate data collection techniques, TWG works with clients to design a unique tourism plan to meet their goals and objectives.
  • Assessment Activities – include examining existing tourism resources in the community, demographic characteristics of visitors (both international and domestic), what economic impact tourism will have on the community and what the community is or is not doing for tourism development.
  • Training Activities – include seminars, lectures, resource development, exploring kinds of private and public support available, ways to make visitors feel welcome and tour organizing.  In addition, the following custom-tailored programs are available: Hospitality Training, Co-unity Awareness and Empathy Training and Minority Cultural and Historical Tourism Development.
  • Product Development – Will range from special calendars, targeted directories and databases, posters to other specialized promotional materials.
  • Marketing Activities – include how to use statistical information and market research to develop a tourism marketing plan, how to customize the tourism product through brochures, seminars and mass media, etc. and what methods of promotion are most effective in attracting new visitors.